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Starting from the ground up, we put quality first!

Under the floor there are notched 4x6 green treated skids that cradle 2x6 green treated floor joist spaced 16” on center (12” on center in garage sheds). This provides your building with an extremely strong floor that will handle the load as well as a sturdy foundation that will not shift due to “hinge points”.

Our floors are 3/4” tongue & groove advance engineered flooring (5/8 in Value Series Sheds and Dog Kennel). When slid together and fastened down either product creates a firm, strong, interlocked base for your shed. Engineered flooring is specifically designed and warranted for use in outdoor storage buildings. It is rot resistant, insect repellent, and does not absorb but actually sheds water. It also has a heat bonded, finished surface that resists staining. 3/4” tongue & groove plywood is available by request on all but value sheds, kennels, and chicken coops, at no additional charge.

2x4 wall studs spaced 16” on center (24" On Center in our Value Series Sheds). 16” on center is how your house is built. This provides a wall that is strong and stable when transporting or moving the building. Just as important, it meets the on center spacing required by most manufacturers for warranty compliance on their exterior sidings.

Double interlocking top plates. Again, how your house is built. Provides rigidity at the roof line. It “locks” the corners of the building together for added strength to prevent “racking”. This alone can make the difference if your building stays intact if and when it is moved or in poor, or windy weather conditions.

Headers above doors and windows. Headers provide proper weight load transfer from the roof to the floor around doors and windows. Headers help prevent stress cracks in windows and will keep your windows and doors operating correctly for years to come.

16” on center roof rafters (24" On Center in our Value Series Sheds). Your roof handles a lot of weight and weather related issues. It, more than anything else, is what protects your “stuff”. 16” O.C. Spacing gives your shed the ability to handle it better.

1/2” radiant barrier (aluminum coated) sheathing. Installed as standard equipment on every roof, it deflects up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat to keep your shed cooler in the summer. It looks great, brightens the inside, and helps the roof last longer.

Metal gussets. Provide strong joints on those rafters, give the building a clean look, allows more headroom in lofted sheds, and makes it easier to finish off the ceiling if so desired.

Diamond plate kick plates. Installed at each entry door to protect your shed from premature wear due to traffic, wet or muddy feet, and the elements.

Diamond plate garage door entry threshold. Standard whenever a garage door is installed. It too protects from wear. However, we extend it past the door jambs and under the tracks to help prevent water from getting into your shed.

Adjustable tension straps. Another detail we include with our handmade doors because wood doesn’t always stay straight. Tension straps allow adjustments to be made, if needed, to keep the doors closing properly.

Vents. All our buildings have either gable vents or ridge vents installed to reduce heat in the building and prolong the life of the roof. It also reduces the possibility of mold and mildew.

Quality Products…Reasonably Priced…That’s Value.

Diagram explaining the quality construction components included in each shed

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Diagram showing paintable and/or stainable siding options for shedsDiagram showing metal siding, roofing, and flooring options for sheds

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Customers Say

Ann Pearson

“Great workmanship of shed, awesome delivery and set up…could not have gone any smoother! I was a little nervous on getting it into our back yard but Brian and his son, Brandon, got it done!!! Gill was super nice to work with to help me figure out all the specs, oh, and my husband LOVES IT!”

Kevin Rowedder

“We looked around for a long time looking for the right shed. The shed we ordered from Spring Valley Sheds has been great. It has very high quality construction and the delivery was great. The staff was very helpful and made an extra effort to help us make sure we had the right paint color and options.”